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Top Ten Unspoken Rules of Minecraft

Updated: May 6, 2022

Minecraft has been out for over a decade, and that means there are a lot of unspoken rules to catch up on!

Minecraft is a game that seems to never lose steam in popularity. Globally, it sits as the most searched term on YouTube. In my opinion, this is not only because it’s entertaining to watch, but because it doesn’t have an instruction manual or a playable tutorial. So, how else are players supposed to know what to do, and what not to do? We are here to help.

Here are ten unspoken rules to get you started and have you playing like a pro in no time!

1. Don’t Dig Straight Down

This is easily the most well-known rule of Minecraft. Never, ever, dig straight down. You almost always end up dying from this strategy. There are 3 ways this can lead to a swift death. First, and most likely, you’ll fall into a pool of lava, not only dying but also losing your entire inventory because it burned in the lava. Second, you dig into a large cave and die from fall damage. And third, you dig into a cave, take some fall damage but survive, and then get bombarded and murdered by mobs. None of the three are a pleasant option.

2. No Floating Trees and Random Pillars

This one is a pet peeve amongst those who have played Minecraft for a few years. Punching a tree after your very first log-in is a must. This is how you get your crafting bench and first set of tools! Many punch a few logs and then go about their business, which leaves a floating top half of a tree. Don’t be that person. Make an axe and finish the job. You can even pillar up with the wood you just harvested to get those hard-to-reach logs! Once they’ve all been mined, the leaves will start to disappear naturally, giving you sticks, saplings, and apples! Similarly, don’t pillar up to look around and then jump off leaving your pillar behind. Clean up after yourself whenever possible!

3. Don’t Kill Villagers

Treat these villages like royalty, and you'll be better off in the long run.

In a world where PVP and PVE are ingrained into our minds, this one can be difficult. Finding a village early game is a momentous occasion. You can loot their chests for food (bread) and maybe even your first bit of iron. They also all have beds so that you can sleep away the night. But best of all, you can trade with them! This is a great way to get things you don’t have access to yet, ESPECIALLY books if you aren’t set up for enchanting. If you kill them all, you may end up regretting it later when you finally decide to set up a villager trading hall and realize you have no villagers nearby. Also, killing them could end up in your untimely death, as they usually have an iron golem protecting them that will aggro you the moment you hurt one of its villagers.

4. Carry Wood with You

This might seem frivolous, but you’d be surprised how often you need it. This especially applies if you plan on going caving. Torches are your lifeline to light your way and prevent mobs from spawning in areas you’ve already explored. You will be surprised at how quickly you make your way through an entire stack. Coal is easy to find in the caves to replenish, wood on the other hand is not unless you come across a mineshaft! It will also come in handy to make a shield, so you’ll have a little extra protection from those skeletons who rarely miss their target.

5. Check Your Light Level

Creepers gonna creep.

Before the most recent 1.18 update, I’d be screaming, “Light up your builds!” It used to be that if anyone block had a light level of 7 or below, mobs could spawn. Meaning creepers could spawn and blow you up, along with all your hard work! Now, in 1.18, mobs can only spawn in complete darkness, light level 0. So, lighting builds without the use of torch spam just got much easier! Just be diligent and ensure that everything is at least at level 1!

6. No Redstone on Dirt

Redstone is one of the harder things to learn and fully understand in Minecraft (I mean, what does a comparator even do anyway!?). It usually takes players months, sometimes even years to make their first attempt. No matter if it’s your first Redstone build or your hundredth, one rule applies: never use dirt. It’s a tempting idea because usually your Redstone contraption is hidden away, so why waste other useful blocks on something that may not be seen? I have one word for you, Endermen. These mobs spawn and pick up blocks at random to carry around with them. Their favorite thing to carry? Dirt. Redstone builds can sometimes take hours to make, even with a tutorial. One block taken out will break the entire thing, and because Endermen teleport, you’ll have no clue where he stole it from. Trying to find what needs fixed and getting lost in Redstone is real. Avoid it at all costs.

7. Chest Monsters

This room does not spark joy.

As you get established and start making bigger and better builds, your first chest monster is inevitable. What exactly is a chest monster? It’s a term used in the Minecraft community to refer to a mess of chests, barrels, and shulker boxes that usually accumulate on the ground while building. With limited inventory space (37 slots including your off-hand), chest monsters grow as players run out of space. My best advice? Get organized, straight from the start. Have a storage room at your base where you can easily find things and more importantly, put AWAY items. Try to make sure you take the time to clean up your extra chests used during building so that when you’re finished, you (and others) can enjoy your new build free of messy distractions!

8. Personal Space

It’s important to mention etiquette when it comes to interacting with other players. When a player sets up their “starter house,” their brain is most likely already churning on ideas for their future bigger and better base. Nothing feels worse than logging off and then coming back the next day to discover someone else has set up right next to you. So, unless you’ve spoken to the player and have planned to have nearby/interconnected bases, give them some room to breathe! The same rules apply with entering their base and rummaging through or taking things from their chests without asking. Politeness goes a long way for making friends in Minecraft!

9. Say No to Moody and Auto-Jump

For some reason, your game’s default settings will most likely have your brightness level set to “moody.” This is by far, the worst way to play Minecraft. It makes you unable to see anything at night and in the Nether, which is your most dangerous gameplay! It also hinders your ability to see underwater. Setting it to “bright” can help significantly! Likewise, auto-jump (although it seems like a great idea at first) will eventually prove to be more of a hindrance. It only takes one accidental hop into lava or off a ledge to learn why. There are so many instances, such as smacking your head off of a doorway or accidental crop trampling, that can get frustrating after a while. Full control of your own movement is a much better option.

10. Give Credit Where Credit is Due!

Finally, if you went onto YouTube, Google, Reddit, etc., and took inspiration from someone else’s build, or built a Redstone contraption by following a tutorial, don’t claim these builds as your own. This is especially important for those who stream their gameplay or make videos for others to enjoy. The Minecraft community is huge and there are players constantly creating content and paving the way for other players to learn and grow. Always let others know where you found the inspiration and who the original creator is!

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