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Quit The Build started in 2015 as a Facebook group of friends discussing the latest video game and entertainment news. It turned into a bi-weekly podcast and has since evolved into a full-blown network of entertainment. Quit The Build is more than a podcast and accompanying website- we are an organization of content creators with a growing community of like-minded gamers and media entertainment lovers. Our goal is to provide a toxic-free clubhouse environment with gaming and entertainment as a focus for delivering content to our community. 


Keep calm and quit the build.

Our brand name is a direct reflection of our philosophy behind gaming- we don't get mad, we simply "quit the build." A phrase coined by friends and gamers during the launch of Halo 5: Guardians, "quit the build" simply means to restart your game. By restarting your game, you not only give yourself time to cool down, but you also load into a fresh build of the game which can often time alleviate minor bugs or glitches. It can even connect you to a new server lobby in multiplayer matches pitting you against a fresh pool of players.

Team QTB

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Bruno Pierce
Founder & CEO

Founder of Quit The Build, Bruno facilitates the overall brand and direction for QTB. He shares his years of experience in social media marketing, design, and video production to help grow the brand.

Bruno is an expert gamer with a forte for shooter and racing games. Having spent years atop the leaderboards playing against the ranks of pros, Bruno has been gaming since 1990. Raised on Game Boy and Sega Genesis, Bruno started his love of shooter games with Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64 and honed his skills in the Halo franchise on Xbox.

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Nicholas DiBartolomeo
Community Manager / COO

The co-founder of the QTB Podcast and Network, Nick manages the business-to-business growth of QTB. His years of experience in radio, debate, and management make him the perfect ambassador for QTB.

A self-proclaimed "action dad" gamer, Nick was tempered by the 2D NES platformers of yesteryear, with tough-as-nails classics like Mega Man and Ninja Gaiden cementing his genre of choice to this day. His knowledge base extends to not only the three pillars of console gaming but also game streaming services like Google Stadia and xCloud.

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Brad Parry
Founding Member & CFO

A founding member of Quit The Build, Brad’s role is to strategize the growth of QTB and analyze our business and fiscal approach. As an engineer and executive, Brad offers an analytical yet pragmatic approach to help grow the brand.


Brad has a love of shooter video games and craft beer. Always ready to provide an interestingly analytical take on whatever topic is at hand, Brad is a quick learner and stylish gamer with special cosmetic skins for every occasion. 

Avatar Profile Pic - Terry.png
Terry Babington
Discord Lord & Blog Contributor

Terry is our travel correspondent and QTB Discord lord. His popular blog series featuring real-world locales and their video game counterparts have become a huge hit. We're excited to see what he comes up with next.

Avatar Profile Pic - Justin.png
Justin Hess
Blog Contributor

Justin is a regular blog contributor for QTB sharing his wealth of knowledge on PC gaming, tech, classic RPG video games, and more. Justin is also an avid streamer who hones his artistic craft and gaming skills live via Twitch.

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