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Quit The Build is proud to present our exclusive QTB Network, featuring in-house produced podcast series and partnered content from amazing producers, content creators, and social media influencers. We provide an outlet to support creators who produce high-quality content with unique premises covering a wide-range of topics. View our featured podcasts below and contact us if you're interested in applying to be a part of our growing network of content creators.

Quit The Build

Official Podcast

Produced by Pierce Unlimited

Social Share - Games 3.png

Hosted by millennial childhood friends Bruno and Nick alongside their gaming beer buddy, Brad, the boys of QTB are bringing the laughs with their love of gaming. Quit The Build is your definitive podcast for all things video games- including gaming news, fresh tech, and pop culture. Offering a casual fireside chat about video games, QTB's free-flowing conversation is the perfect companion for gamers and nerds alike. Join the QTB community and tune in every Wednesday for new episodes on all the latest gaming news. 

Gotta Watch

QTB Network Exclusive

Produced by Pierce Unlimited

GW Podcast Promo 2.png

Hosted by Bruno, a professional video editor, and multimedia designer, Gotta Watch is your definitive guide through the must-see movies and talked-about television series of all time. Featuring weekly episodes centered around a monthly theme, Bruno is joined by his childhood friend, Nick, co-host of the Quit The Build Podcast, and beer correspondent and blog contributor, Brad. Don't know what to watch this weekend? We've got you covered. Tune into Gotta Watch every Thursday for a brand new episode for the media you can't miss!

1 Hour 1 Decision

QTB Network Partner

Produced by Tom & Chris

Podcast Promo - 1H1D 1.png

There are a lot of great games on Xbox Game Pass, but who has the time to try them all? Where would you even start? What if you gave each game just one hour of your time? What if two friends played it for you and made a decision in less time than a standard sitcom? These were the questions that gave rise to 1 Hour 1 Decision, a podcast for people who love games but are short on time. Join Tom and Chris as they tackle a random game each episode and give you their honest decision after one hour of gameplay.


QTB Network Partner

Produced by Joel Heslop

KungfuPenguin Promo.png

Welcome to the Igloo with Joel, the KungFuPenguin. Joel loves to have fun & KungFu all the things. Join KungFuPenguin for gaming, singing, dancing, and Nunchuk-ing the enemies with flipper precision. Ridiculously silly antics with his wife, Amanda, and his pets are sure to follow. KungFuPenguin plays a variety of games on stream with his family and friends such as Battle Royale games, RPGs, as well as Dungeons & Dragons. Catch Joel's live streams almost every day around 8pm EST.

Emotional Support Penguins

QTB Network Partner

Produced by Joel Heslop & Amanda Heslop

KungfuPenguin Promo.png

Welcome to the Emotional Support Penguins podcast with Joel & Amanda. We are Here to offer encouragement for your week, because sometimes you need to stop, drop, and waddle on out to reset your day. Taking a look at mental health in a fun and engaging way.


QTB Network Partner

Produced by Pierce Unlimited

BEATette Promo.png

BEATette is an emerging music artist inspired by the 80s, 90s, 808s, and 909s. With influences from House, Techno, Drum & Bass, and EDM, BEATette explores different styles and motifs within each song and album to pull sounds and illuminate different aspects of all electronic music. BEATette's debut album, Static Channel can be heard on all platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. The track, Reverie, can be heard as the current intro for the Quit The Build podcast with the track Exploraguchi being the previous intro in earlier episodes.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed by partners on the QTB Network do not reflect the opinions of QUIT THE BUILD or PIERCE UNLIMITED or any of their affiliated clients or partnerships. All content is for entertainment and educational purposes only. While we make every effort to ensure that the information we are sharing is accurate, we welcome any comments, suggestions, or corrections of errors.

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