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1 Hour 1 Decision Podcast

There are a lot of great games on Xbox Game Pass, but who has the time to try them all? Where would you even start? What if you gave each game just one hour of your time? What if two friends played it for you and made a decision in less time than a standard sitcom? These were the questions that gave rise to 1 Hour 1 Decision, a podcast for people who love games but are short on time. Join Tom and Chris as they tackle a random game each episode and give you their honest decision after one hour of gameplay.

1H1D - Tom


Though he was raised on a steady diet of Nintendo consoles, Tom manages to get around to fewer and fewer games these days. When Chris proposed a plan to solve this dilemma and simultaneously revisit their college radio days, how could Tom refuse? Tom gravitates towards story-focused, single player experiences, and has devoted hundreds of hours of his life to collecting pocket monsters and exploring dungeons fraught with dragons. As a rule, if it was set in a galaxy far, far away … Tom has read it, watched it, or played it.

1H1D - Chris


Father of some lovely children but a child himself, Chris tends to float around all different types of games. Maybe that's why this podcast idea came about? Primarily a PC gamer during his formative years Chris now appreciates all facets of gaming. (Except mobile games, you can keep those away from him.) Willingness to try anything has opened up his appreciation for not only different styles of games, but other aspects of nerd culture.

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