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Gotta Watch Podcast

Gotta Watch is your guide through the must-see movies and talked-about television series of yesterday and today. Host Bruno guides you through his vast knowledge of TV and movies providing expert analysis from years as a video editor and multimedia producer. Selecting the best episodes each series has to offer, various movies throughout the years, and other goodies you might've missed; this series is your number one destination for the stuff you Gotta Watch!

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Bruno Pierce

With a degree in Digital Filmmaking, Bruno's vast knowledge of movies, television, and pop culture make the perfect vessel to lead this journey through the most watchable media ever created. Providing color commentary and media trivia to wow his guests, Bruno's boisterous personality shines as he shares his passion for movie and television.

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Nick DiBartolomeo

Nick's witty humor and overall lack of familiarity regarding the latest movies and television make him the perfect co-host to get those sought after first impressions of everyone's favorite movies and television. Nick is buckled up and along for the ride on this crazy rollercoaster of content.

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Brad Parry

Brad's surprising knowledge of niche movies and television make him the perfect co-host to bring a unique perspective to the table. His devil's advocate approach lends to great insights and conversations. You never know which side Brad will land on when the coin is flipped for debate.

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