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Community Spotlight: KungfuPenguin

Updated: Apr 11

Quit The Build is proud to shed light on community members that embody our mission statement of spreading positivity in the gaming world.

Today, we're featuring Twitch streamer, KungfuPenguin (IRL: Joel) with a short interview on his streaming career and history with video games.

When did you start streaming and why?

February 2017. 4 years ago. I wanted a way to connect with friends and people all over. It's a fun creative outlet for me!

Where did your username come from?

When I was young, my older brother had a Penguin calendar. I always thought penguins were fun. When I got a little older, Xbox Live became a thing and I needed to create a Gamertag. Around 2002 or so, I thought what would be funny? Imagine a little penguin waddlin' up to you with a ninja headband, nunchucks, and derpy ferocity- Thus, KungFuPenguin was born.

What is your earliest memory of gaming? Do you remember the first game you played?

Playing Super Mario Bro/ Duck Hunt split. And Bubble Bobble! Maybe Ms. PacMan before that in the arcade?!

What is your favorite memory or achievement on Twitch so far?

My first 24-hour stream and hitting 1,000 Followers on stream. Everyone donated bits, it froze my stream! I felt so loved and supported.

What's your stream schedule look like?

I stream Monday - Wednesday - Friday @8pm EST with bonus streams on the weekends. That's my "Official Schedule" but most every night I stream though!

How can viewers connect with you outside of Twitch?

Twitter: @KungfuPenguinTV

Instagram: @KungfuPenguinTV

Facebook: KungfuPenguinTV

Website: https://kungfupenguin.tv/

Listen to our QTB Podcast Episode with Joel below!

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