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Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Quit The Build is more than a bi-weekly gaming podcast, it's a network of gamers, influencers, content creators, and friends.

Founded in 2015, Quit The Build, also known as QTB within the group, is a network of gamers, influencers, content creators, and most importantly- friends. Our name and motto reflect our attitude and approach to gaming. When things don't go right, when problems arise, we don't get mad- we quit the build.

“Keep calm and quit the build...”

We reset our minds and sometimes our game to help get in a better state of play. Gaming should be fun but can oftentimes be rather competitive and frustrating. These frustrations culminate in anger making the experience of gaming less fun for everyone involved. Just remember to keep calm and quit the build.

Our History & Future

Over the past 6 years, our team has steadily grown and evolved with the ever-changing landscape of gaming. We've played every popular game between now and then and continue to share our ideas, opinions, and reviews via our official Quit The Build Facebook Group. Our diverse backgrounds in Radio, Marketing, Social Media Influence, Video Production, Design, and various other professional expertise provide brilliant insights and discussions- leading us to create an official podcast.

Quit The Build is the most influential up & coming video game podcast available! Tackling all the latest gaming news and pop culture, Millennial hosts and childhood friends Bruno & Nick bring laughs and insights to each episode. Join the QTB crew for an amazing gaming podcast to accompany your week, every Wednesday and Saturday. Listen now and join our growing community!

Quit The Build, also known as QTB, is a growing network of podcasts, influencers, and contributors all with a common passion for video games, movies & television, and pop culture. Founded in 2015, Quit The Build is bringing a unique perspective to the table through years of experience in the media industry. Get the latest video game news from Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and PC gaming with the Quit The Build Podcast every Wednesday. Dive into the Gotta Watch Podcast for your weekly guide to all the must-see movies and talked-about TV shows every Thursday. Join our growing Community and discover our growing Network for more content!
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