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5 Ways To Stay Healthy As An Avid Gamer

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Brad shares some helpful tips on how to stay healthy as a gamer to improve your mind and body, and dominate the competition.


1. Take a Walk

All of us gamers, at one point or another, have been synonymously known as modern-day “cavemen”. The signs are there – closed curtains, empty food bags, and a shower that hasn’t been used in days. Instead of settling down for another day inside – get outside for a quick walk (15-30 minutes!). Sunlight is essential for human health and well-being, with benefits including the production of vitamin D, lower blood pressure, and overall promotion of good mental health.

2. Stretch Between Rounds

Did you know sitting is the new smoking? Recent studies have shown that those who sit the most have a greater risk of disease and death. Why is this the case (especially when your gaming chair is super comfy)? Sitting for extended periods may lead to insulin resistance which can cause type 2 diabetes and obesity (two major risk factors for heart disease!). So – if you’ve got some downtime between rounds, stand up and take a quick stroll around the room and stretch those legs! You can read more about sitting here from the Heart Foundation: Sitting is the New Smoking

3. Eat & Drink Healthy

Yes, we all love and appreciate the combination of Doritos and Mountain Dew, but over time, these snacks do little to sustain your hunger and provide little nutrients to your body. Consider mixing up your gaming food choices with a smoothie or a hearty sandwich, both of which will contain a better balance of nutrients and will sustain you during those long gaming sessions! (Also, this is your courtesy reminder to drink some water!)

4. Blink!

Long hours of staring at your monitors or TVs wreak havoc on your eyes. Eyes, like the rest of your body, aren’t built to work flat-out for your entire life. Keeping our eyes open dries them out and can cause long-term damage. Thus, while gaming, try and look at an object at least twenty feet away for at least twenty seconds (every 20-30 minutes). This will keep eye strain down and help you sleep better!

5. Practice Good Posture

Seems almost a given, right? Good posture is key not only to good health but will also help you look more professional (for all our streamers out there!). A great way to help with good posture is to invest in a good, sturdy chair that allows you to sit upright and provides good support for your back.


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