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YouTube Video Vault: LazarBeam Wins Fortnite Without Moving!

Honestly, this might be one of the most epic moments in gaming.

To win a 1 v 100 Battle Royale game is hard enough as it is. Your odds are well...1 in 100. *insert mind-blown emoji*. To win without firing a weapon is even harder, but to win without moving is nearly impossible.

To break it down for you, a typical match of any Battle Royale has players drop into a random part of the map (a spot of your choosing) while a continuously diminishing circle closes in randomly around the map. The whole endeavor seems fruitless and out of reach, but that doesn't start LazarBeam from achieving the impossible. Without further adieu, I'll let Lannan, LazarBeam himself, explain why this is so difficult in the video below.

"I promise if you're seeing this video, I get a Victory Royale without leaving this chair."

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