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PSN’s Acquisition of Bungie, Good? Or Bad News?

Join H.J. host of The Level Infinite Show as he breaks down whether or not the acquisition of Bungie was a good thing for PlayStation!

Recently PSN acquired Bungie, the makers of Halo (343 Industries), Destiny, and the beloved sequel Destiny 2. Let’s dive into what we know so far. Bungie was bought by PlayStation (Sony) for $3.6 Billion USD. The franchise since then has made some changes including controversial layoffs and some speculative ideas that PlayStation may have some more plans for Bungie and its titles down the line. As far as the fairness of the acquisition to Xbox, Xbox wasn’t really concerned necessarily and even to an extent has accepted that Bungie is one franchise that they would not acquire. I do believe this is fair however as Xbox has had major acquisitions and partnerships, like Bethesda, Mojang, and Activision alongside EA’s partnership and Ubisoft’s partnership.

In my fair and honest opinion, especially being an Xbox player solely alongside PC, I do agree that PSN deserves this one, especially after all that cheesy goodness and salty bread and butter (figuratively speaking) with the FTC and ETC (European Trade Commissions). I really do love that Bungie has been bought by PlayStation. It gives PlayStation a chance to show that they can move Bungie in a more forward-moving direction. I would’ve hated it if Xbox were to scoop them up too. It’s not fair honestly (this coming from an Xbox player by the way), Xbox shouldn’t own everything. It’s quite honestly, what it sounds like plain and simple, a great big monopoly. Now, say what you want, but I’m very sad to say, I will not change my mind this time. This is one deal I support 100%, no cap, and fully.

Why Bungie May Have a Few Tricks Up Its Sleeve:

Bungie’s acquisition perhaps may not be just solely a good thing for PSN and Destiny. I’d like to believe that this means that we could potentially see some good games come out of this as well. I have to be careful and mention that while I believe that a game would be nice to see, it’s not guaranteed. What this does mean for DLC’s is PSN players should be happy, because like we’ve seen with past events Xbox has had releasing DLC and games with their partners. A partnership like this could give PSN players a leg up if PlayStation decided to pull a Game Pass, and put the game and all DLC’s on their subscription service PlayStation+. I’d be happy if they did. I’m excited to see where they take this, especially since PlayStation has some decent reputation with games they partner with. Heck, Rockstar is an example of that one.

The Finale: Take it Home Guardian

So, in this Op-Ed’s conclusion, what I personally think is the final verdict here. My best guess, the amazing contribution Bungie will have on the PlayStation Ecosystem. It’s not fair for Xbox to take everything you know, this coming from an Xbox player btw. You can’t always own everything, but whatever you do own, be proud you own it. Now that PSN owns Bungie, they have the opportunity to go very far with this collaboration and in some ways they already have. Say what you want about the competition and their layoffs, but at least they’re with a company that will bring value and a bit more appreciation to their market. Whatever the case may be, I may not be a PlayStation Player, but one thing is for sure, this is a pretty darn sweet deal.


About the Author:

H.J. is the host of his own podcast called The Level Infinite Show. You can read more of his Op-Ed articles on QTB Network or listen to his podcast on Spotify.

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