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Has Lightfall Changed Destiny 2's Multiplayer?

H.J., host of The Level Infinite Show and devoted Destiny 2 player, dives into the ways that the game's latest expansion has changed the dynamics of multiplayer.

Destiny 2 has been the focus of praise and criticism over recent years, especially following the Forsaken DLC and Destiny 2’s split from Activision. One of the latest DLC’s “Lightfall” has brought new campaign missions, many changes, and a new raid. One of the biggest changes I would like to highlight in this article is the change to multiplayer dynamics.

With Kinetic weapons getting buffed, a newly revamped subclass and an armor mod system, one of the main areas where the game has changed is multiplayer. First, I would like to point out that this is my opinion as a player and is in no way supposed to be treated as 100% factual. These changes level the playing field for many players and one of the things I noticed while playing the game is that the new subclasses are substantially more powerful.

Where I noticed this first was with the Strand mechanic. I had just used my shield bash and hit a Strand super ability head-on, resulting in a player losing his super ability immediately even though he had just popped it. What this means for us as players is that while the new subclasses are available and stronger in PvE, some flaws in the PvP system make these supers weaker, which in turn helps to level the playing field for players who do not have the luxury of having the DLC and said subclasses.

This means that a person not running the DLC facing a person running the new subclasses on a mode that has level advantages disabled, will naturally have almost equal if not slightly more power than their subclass opponent. This is huge for one reason, it gives casual players a fair shot, something that Bungie has arguably overlooked in the past.

The next topic I want to move onto is the kinetic weapon buffs. Kinetic weapons have been overlooked for ages, now thanks to the ever-increasing difficulty in PvE, and other factors such as the difficulty of PvE enemies and raids, Kinetic weapons are finally able to shine. Now I know what you are thinking, what does this mean for PvP? It means Kinetic weapons will now be a key player in many multiplayer game modes that have level advantages disabled. As far as game modes like Trials of Osiris, nothing of that nature where power can be an issue will ever change in the near future, but one thing is certain: at least the dynamic has changed at last.

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About the author:

H.J. is the host of The Level Infinite show. He started his show at the age of 18 in January 2021 and has experience in podcasting as a hobby. He also enjoys playing games as a hobby and is a student at Pitt Community College studying for his degree in Information Technology. Now at the age of 20, he aims to improve the world through his podcast and insight into the topics that matter most.

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