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Nostalgia Vault: Evo Moment 37

A moment in gaming history that cemented eSports in mainstream media and tested the limits of what is truly possible in video games.

Also known as the "Daigo Parry", Evo Moment 37 refers to the incredible sequence of events at the 2004 Evo Championship Semifinals for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike between Daigo Umehara (Ken) and Justin Wong (Chun-Li). This is frequently described as the most iconic moment in competitive video game history with a flurry of moves and parries previously thought to be impossible.

"...the most iconic moment in competitive video gaming..."

IGN recently did a short 6-minute mini-doc explaining why this was such a big deal for the plebs out there. Whether or not you follow Evo or video games in general, to see the Evo Championship go from CRT TV's at Cal State Poly to a mega arena on a giant screen is truly amazing. Check out the IGN doc here AND check out our discussion on Evo Moment 37 on our podcast!

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