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Nostalgia Vault: Night Trap (Sega CD)

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

As mentioned in Episode 10 of the QTB Podcast, Night Trap was an interactive movie video game with scantily clad women with all the stylings of a late 80s / early 90s B-Movie.

Every once in a while, we're blessed with some type of media- be it a movie, video game, viral video, or funny photo, that truly transcends to something higher- art. Night Trap is most definitely not that. Night Trap is more a voyeuristic movie and less a video game. If anything, it's very reminiscent of the Five Nights at Freddy's game where you get control of different cameras within a house to rid each room of these creepy guys wearing all black- I guess so you know they're bad guys. It even stars Dana Plato as Kelly (the lead)- you might know her as Kimberly Drummond from Different Strokes. Whatchu talkin' bout Bruno?!

"Night Trap is more a voyeuristic movie and less a video game."

Here's one of the bad guys. He's part of the S.C.A.T. Team... Let that sink in for a minute.

I ended up finding a full playthrough of the game on YouTube because, of course, there's a full playthrough of this obscure 90s game. That's what the internet is for, am I right?! Anyway, it took me a minute to piece together what it is that I was witnessing because the player, obviously knew what they were doing when playing- so I missed out on some of the basics. For the most part, it was quite boring, until about 10 minutes into the game a random slumber party takes place with scantily clad women. That sure spiced things up! Just like the random sex scenes in B-rated horror movies, this seemed very much in-style for the type of game this was.

"That sure spiced things up!"

PRO TIP: Having readily available snacks will ensure your slumber party will be a hit.

It's a good thing our playthrough expert was more focused than I was because it's clear to me now that the girls were merely a distraction likely to lead to failure. and a game over, oh no! Honestly, the whole thing reminded me of an Are You Afraid of the Dark episode or better, those scenes in Power Rangers where the Putty Patrol would enter and steal a little kid Billy was tutoring or something. Complete with guitar riffs and funny waddles, too!

This lady is probably going to take a shower or something...but uh oh! What's that lurking behind her?!

Things finally get interesting around the 15-minute mark as one of the house guests comes in contact with the Putty Patrol aka The Night Trap Dawdlers. This chick decides to sneak across the hall to use the bathroom...I'm guessing she didn't want anyone to know it was her pooping- and BOOM. Game over for her.

Whoops, looks like it wasn't your friend Megan trying to scare you. She's probably okay though...

What a thrill ride! I won't spoil the ending, but you can watch the full playthrough below in case you wanted to waste 40 minutes of your life. At the very least skip to the credits to hear the 90s synth bopper, Night Trap, aka The Night Trap Theme Song, with quintessential saxophone and rocking guitars- because every horror movie/video game cross-over needs an upbeat banger to accompany the ending credits.

"What a thrill ride!"

I like the idea of an interactive horror movie that you could potentially see different rooms to see what was happening in different areas of a haunted house, but I don't think this is it. It'd be cool to see the revival of something interactive like this though. With Netflix's Choose Your Own Adventure-style movie- Bandersnatch, it would be interesting to see what a big developer and movie studio could pull off.

UPDATE: Nick was right! Some crazy developer decided that this 90s gem featuring tech from yester-year desperately needed a remaster. Enjoy the remaster below!

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