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Nostalgia Vault: 2-XL Robot

Updated: Feb 16

Remember this gem from the 90s?! The 2-XL Robot was your cassette tape companion dishing out jokes, stories, random knowledge, and tech way ahead of its time.

Remember this talking robot companion from the 90s?! Bruno & Nick were reminiscing about this gem of a toy which apparently, started out in the 70s with an 8-Track version. 8-Tracks were the precursors to cassette tapes, which were preceded by CD's, which are like DVD's but they only play music. Feel old yet?

Picture: 2-XL from the 70s (Left) and the updated version from the 90s (right)

“What do you call two banana peels?! Answer: a pair of slippers" - Classic 2XL Joke (also a classic Dad joke)

2-XL Was Like A Robot Dad

From terrible puns and Dad jokes to stories and quizzes, 2-XL was hours of fun and a true hit of the 90s. It was the gift that kept giving, especially with new tapes released every so often. Tiger Electronics produced the toy in the U.S. along with a myriad of other really cool electronic toys and games that just about every kid had in the 90s. Check out the nostalgic commercial below for a true throwback.

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