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Rekindling the Flame: Restarting My Pokemon Card Collection in Memory of Dad

Growing up in the late '90s, I was captivated by the colorful world of Pokémon, and the trading cards featuring those imaginative creatures quickly became the focal point of my collection. My fascination with these cards was fueled by the influence of my father, who owned a card shop and possessed an impressive collection of baseball and football cards. I recall visiting flea markets and yard sales with my dad every Saturday during the summer. We were constantly searching for collectibles and all the cool items people were selling. Collecting was more than just a hobby; it was a special bond between me and my Dad. A special bond I hope to carry on with my son.

Even though we shared a love for collecting, my father never imagined that those whimsical Pokémon creatures would ever hold any real value. Little did he know, these cards would one day eclipse his most prized cards and collection. Life, however, has a way of throwing us curveballs. A devastating fire ravaged my collection, leaving my beloved Pokémon cards in ashes. The loss was crushing, as if a piece of my childhood had been irreparably shattered. With many of my memories faded, and my Dad's passing the summer before my senior year, it felt as though the treasured bond we shared through collecting had been snuffed out by the flames.

But memories of my Dad and our passion for collection memorabilia and cards persevered. As time passed, the urge to rebuild my collection intensified. I've always been a collector mind you, starting with vinyl figures from Kid Robot and The Loyal Subjects. More recently I've been collecting F1 memorabilia from my favorite driver, Max Verstappen, much like my Dad did in the late 90s with Jeff Gordon and NASCAR.

Fast-forward to 2024, I find myself embarking on a new adventure: reigniting my passion for Pokémon and honoring my father's love for collecting in a world vastly different from when we began. My focus remains on the classic 151 Pokémon characters, their nostalgic allure transporting me back to my youth, filled with love, laughter, and endless hours spent bonding with Dad.

Collecting in the modern age presents new challenges and opportunities. I've learned the importance of investing in PSA-rated cards to ensure their authenticity and condition. The journey may be filled with thrills and obstacles, but it's a testament to the unwavering legacy of Pokémon and the timeless bond between a father and his son.

In the second part of this series, I'll delve into the more specific details of rebuilding a Pokémon card collection in 2024, sharing my triumphs, frustrations, and the invaluable lessons I've learned along the way. For now, I'll keep pursuing this dream, treasuring every memory of my Dad and our shared love for collecting that lives on through each card I acquire.

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