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Every Fortnite Season Event Ranked

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

In this list, we're celebrating the best and least best Fortnite Season Events. We won't be including the concert series for this and instead, we are focusing on story events.

Rather than listing them by rank, we'll instead take a look at them in chronological order and rank them as we go! This way, we can update the list as time goes on with each new event that is released. We'll also include videos of the events for you to view, so you can be the judge, just in case you missed out during the actual live event. Now, let's light this rocket!


The Meteor Event

Date: Season 3 // May 1, 2018

Map Location: Dusty Depot / Dusty Divot

Quick Recap: Remember when Dusty Depot was a thing and then it got destroyed by a comet?! Can you believe that was the first real Fortnite event? It all started when players started noticing a small comet in the sky that grew larger by the day. Even though it was speculated that Tilted Towers would be destroyed, Dusty Depot ended up being the casualty in this debut destruction event turning it into Dusty Divot.

What made it awesome? Because this is the first event, it will always hold a special place in our hearts merely because of nostalgia.

QTB Ranking: #8 (out of 10)


Blast Off!

Date: Season 4 // June 13, 2018

Map Location: Villain Lair

Quick Recap: After the arrival of The Visitor via the previously mentioned meteor, Season 4 centered around the building of a rocket that would eventually launch and zip across the sky, in and out of rifts, only to zoom toward Tilted Towers (once again leading the community to believe the location would be destroyed). It eventually re-appeared near Loot Lake and zipped up to the sky forming The Crack.

What made it awesome? As a follow-up event, we weren't sure what to expect, but the lead-up to the rocket launch was intriguing and the resulting rift left in the sky only furthered speculation of what the next season might hold.

QTB Ranking: #7


The Cube Event

Date: Season 5 // August 24, 2018

Map Location: Kevin! Paradise Palms to Loot Lake

Quick Recap: In the middle of Season 5, lightning shot down from The Crack / Rift (the one previously generated by the Blast Off Event) and created a giant purple cube dubbed "Kevin", by the community. He traveled around the map, bouncing players back who got too close, and left 6 runes across the map before it settled in the Loot Lake House and turned into The Floating Island.

What made it awesome? Epic Games eventually recognized the community's naming of their giant purple cube and presented players with a similar-looking weapon skin named, "Kevin".

QTB Ranking: #9


The Floating Island / Butterfly Event

Date: Season 6 // November 4, 2018

Map Location: Leaky Lake / The In-Between

Quick Recap: In the middle of Season 6, after The Floating Island made the rounds to the runes (previously created by Kevin in Season 5), it gathered up energy before circling back to Leaky Lake. Upon its return, the cube started leaking before spinning into oblivion blinding players with a bright white light before teleporting them to The In-Between.

What made it awesome? This is the first time players have been outside the map in a limbo-like purgatory known as the In-Between. And a magical light butterfly.

QTB Ranking: #6


Ice Storm

Date: Season 7 // January 19, 2019

Map Location: Polar Peak

Quick Recap: A giant character known as the Ice King emerged from Polar Peak before casting a spell over the island causing snow to completely cover the map.

What made it awesome? The entire map changed right before our eyes. As you jumped out of the bus you could see the giant Ice King waving his arm before covering the entire map with snow- a winter wonderland!

QTB Ranking: #5


The Unvaulting / Volcano Event

Date: Season 8 // May 4, 2019

Map Location: The In-Between

Quick Recap: Also known as the Nexus Event, towards the end of Season 8, the vault in Loot Lake opened and players jumped in to select a vaulted weapon to re-introduce to the game. The community chose the Drum Gun and it was promptly re-released back into the game. After leaving The In-Between, players were launched back into the game only to watch the volcano erupt destroying most of Retail Row, part of Polar Peak, and completely leveling Tilted Towers, mysteriously leaving the insurance building.

What made it awesome? Not only did we get an event, but the community was able to choose a gun from the vault in real-time. Not to mention, we FINALLY got to see Tilted Towers taken down.

QTB Ranking: #10 (The Least Best)


The Final Showdown

Date: Season 9 // July 20, 2019

Map Location: The whole freakin' map

Quick Recap: Towards the end of Season 9, there was a call in the item shop to take up banners supporting either the favored hero Mech or villainous foe Monster. They ripped each other to shreds, like King Kong vs. Godzilla, with the Mech coming out on top as the victor at the battle's end. The Monster's body was left to rot and eventually turn into bones as a point of interest on the map.

What made it awesome? A giant Monster / Mech battle...need I say more?! It was epic.

QTB Ranking: #1 (The Best)


The End

Date: Season X // October 13, 2019

Map Location: The entire map...then a massive void...then a NEW map!

Quick Recap: To close out the first chapter, Fortnite had to go big, and boy, did they deliver. The devs decided to go full circle and create another rocket that would, in turn, create multiple rifts

What made it awesome? The hype behind this was unreal. With nothing but a black screen to stare at over the course of a week, the Fortnite community was abuzz with all the potential theories regarding a new map, new game mode, and more.

QTB Ranking: #2


The Device (Doomsday Event)

Date: Chapter 2, Season 2 // June 15, 2020

Map Location: The Agency

Quick Recap: The Agency explodes, the Doomsday device rises and we are treated to a giant wall of water instead of the normal storm we've been accustomed to; this, interspersed with scenes of John Jones, aka Agent Jonesy, in what seems to be an insurance building which is clearly a front for a top-secret Agency makes for one heck of an event that still has us questioning what happened.

What made it awesome? This was the first time where Fortnite broke the 4th wall so-to-speak by offering us a first-person glimpse into the life of the alternate universe Jonesy

QTB Ranking: #4


The Devourer of Worlds / Galactus Event

Date: Chapter 2, Season 4 // December 1, 2020

Map Location: The Battle Bus

Quick Recap: The Marvel x Fortnite crossover season comes to an end in the most epic of ways with Galactus slowly rising from the water before attempting to annihilate the Fortnite island and everyone on it. With the help of the Avengers, you team up with fellow players to man individual Battle Buses and attempt to blow Galactus out of the universe. Another broken 4th wall cutscene featuring Agent Jonesy showed that our story wasn't quite over. Parts of the old map have now started to emerge from the sand that now covers the part of the map.

What made it awesome? Fighting a giant Galactus is quite impressive and doing it the beloved Battle Bus is the icing on the cake! And what's not to love about fighting alongside The Avengers?!

QTB Ranking: #3


Zero Point Event

Date: Chapter 2, Season 5 // TBD

Map Location: The Zero Point Orb

Quick Recap: There's a giant orb in the middle of the map that's been causing rifts to appear all over the map where different heroes have been pulled by Agent Jonesy to help with the final event. More details will be released toward the end of the season around March 16.

What made it awesome? TBD

QTB Ranking: TBD (11th major story event)


What was your favorite Fortnite Live Event? Leave us a comment below! We'll continue to update this list with each new Fortnite ranking so be sure to check back on our website periodically for new content!

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