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I Want You to Join My Cult: a Cult of the Lamb Review

Join Liv as she reviews Cult of the Lamb and see if you have what it takes to join her cult!

Developer: Massive Monster

Release Date: August 11, 2022

Time to Complete: 14 to 20 hours

My Playtime: + 60 hours

Have you ever wanted to roleplay as a cult leader without any of the real life consequences? Now you can, but you’re a cute little lamb! Cult of the Lamb has an adorable artstyle which clashes with the horrific narrative that you slay monsters and sometimes, your followers! The clash of these two themes is comical as well as engaging. This is why everyone should give this lovely game a chance!

Cult of the Lamb is about a possessed lamb who is saved by death by a deity known as “The One Who Waits” with the caveat of creating a cult in its name. This game has roguelike elements such as dungeon crawling and slaying monsters to gather resources necessary to growing and maintaining your cult. There is a lot to do on your home base such as giving your followers jobs, decorating the environment, and conducting sermons or rituals! It is essential to keep your followers happy and well-fed or they will rebel against you! Keeping your members happy will boost faith which allows you to upgrade your cult. Upgrades consist of unlocking Commandments and Rituals, buildings and structures; and abilities and weapons you may use during a dungeon crawl. There are mini games you can play as well such as a dice game called Knucklebones which you can gamble on! There is a wide variety of tasks in Cult of the Lamb to keep the player engaged and coming back for more.

After recruiting five followers, you will have the opportunity to name your cult. It is my honor to welcome you to my cult, Beanie-Boop-aroo! I hope you consider joining my cult as you learn more about it. As a member of my cult, I vow to take care of you physically, mentally, and spiritually as long as you pledge your faith to me. I need your support to grow our group! As a part of any cult, you must obey our sacred 3 Commandments.

1. Belief in Sacrifice

When the chosen cult member is sacrificed in my honor, every member gains a faith boost! It is an honor to be chosen for sacrifice in the name of Beanie-Boop-aroo.

2. Substances Encouraged

By joining my cult, you may consume mushrooms which will brainwash you for 2 days. Your faith won’t falter and you may throw up, but you won’t die, so it’s okay!

3. Holy Day of Rest Ritual

Occasionally, I will give all cult members off a day of work, so you may do as you please! Happy holiday(s)!

As Beanie-Boop-aroo gains new members, you will be chosen for different jobs. Some members will be asked to go on missionary trips to gather resources or recruit new members. Depending on your skill set, I may take you on my dungeon crawls! When members participate in missionary trips or dungeon crawls, afterwards they are in an exhausted state. Therefore, it’s important to manage who does each task. On days that don’t require strenuous activities, members may socialize, assist with farming and cooking, or pray. As your leader of Beanie-Boop-aroo, I care about your well-being.

The followers of Beanie-Boop-aroo helped evolve my cult and shape its founding Commandements. In Cult of the Lamb, every time you level up you can choose different benefits for your cult. As you can see, some may be silly! Some Commandments lower morale, but will boost work productivity. It’s important to balance morale or cult members will dissent and it will cause problems for you. How will you cultivate your cult?

One of the biggest critiques of Cult of the Lamb at launch was there was not a lot of endgame content. At launch, once you have finished the campaign, you can keep playing. You can go about your business of dungeon crawling for resources and recruiting followers, but other than that there is nothing more to do. If you enjoyed the gameplay mechanics and weren’t ready to put the game down, then you can keep at it. However, with no end game missions or unlockables, the game got stale quickly. The developers realized this and introduced new content this year!

Relics of the Old Faith is the free update that reinvites players to come back and play new content in Cult of the Lamb. This is the first wave of DLC planned for Cult of the Lamb which includes a new post-game storyline with a new crusade campaign! Additionally, the developer’s enhanced combat and cult management mechanics. This includes new combat moves, weapons, and curses. There are new buildings, decorations, and jobs for your followers as well! Aside from new physical items for your community, this new update added something for people who want to tap into their creative side.

If you’re a fan of photo-mode in video games, there is a new simplistic photo-mode option available! Something that is unique about this photo-mode is you can add stickers to your pictures! However, the photo-mode mechanics itself are limited, but keep in mind this is a 2-D game, so there really isn’t a need for complexity. I’m very excited to see where the roadmap that Massive Monster laid out takes us!

If you’re looking to manage a cult and slay monsters while you build your home, look no further than Cult of the Lamb. This game is incredibly cute despite the carnage. There is something for everyone in this game, so check it out even if you’re nervous about the roguelike elements. Consider playing on an easier difficulty if farming and decorating your home base is more your speed. I can’t wait to see what Massive Monster brings to Cult of the Lamb in the future!


About the Author:

Liv is the co-host of the Between 2 Gamers podcast with her friend Frewy. When she's not gaming, she's watching sports!

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