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Unboxing an Exceptional Experience: Introducing the Collector's Edition of Rack N' Ruin

Updated: May 6, 2023

Join Podcasters United editor-in-chief James as he reviews the collector's edition and overall gameplay of Rack N' Ruin!

Developer: LifeSpark Entertainment

Publisher: LifeSpark Entertainment

Collector’s Edition: Premium Edition Games (Copies still available!)

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam

Genre: Action, Adventure, Shooter

Are you ready to stop being the hero in the story and take on the role of a villain? Then look no further than Rack N' Ruin, the top-down action-adventure shooter that gives you the chance to be delightfully wicked! It is time for the bad guy to have the spotlight as you unleash your inner evil with Rack N' Ruin and embark on a thrilling journey of chaos and destruction!

"From the metal album cover to the comic book that introduced me to the mischievous demon Rack, to the instruction manual that was reminiscent of a SNES game, I was blown away by the level of detail."

A villainous adventure needs an appropriately evil protagonist, and Rack N’ Ruin delivers that with a demon named Rack. This mischievous demon is a little too powerful for his own good, and as a result of that power, he destroys every planet he is sent to. This doesn’t sit well with his master who wanted the planets to be enslaved, so Rack is sent to another planet and given one final chance with clear orders to “enslave, not destroy” the place. So what does he do? He destroys everything, naturally.

Now, before I can discuss what Rack N’ Ruin is about, I need to mention Premium Edition Games, the company behind the collector’s edition of the game. Normally whenever I acquire a game it is just the standard edition as most collector’s editions nowadays never offer enough to justify the purchase. That was not the case here, as the contents of this wonderful collector’s edition were everything I could ask for and more! From the outer box, which looked and felt exactly like a retro Super Nintendo box, to the items inside, each was expertly crafted, added to the mischievous evil of Rack, and truly showcased what a great collector’s edition SHOULD be.

I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to experience Rack N' Ruin, and I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Nick at Quit The Build and the team at Premium Edition Games for sending me this incredible collector's edition. The contents inside truly took me on a wondrous, nostalgic, retro, and villainous journey from start to finish. From the metal album cover to the comic book that introduced me to the mischievous demon Rack, to the instruction manual that was reminiscent of a SNES game, I was blown away by the level of detail.

With that being said, it is time to dive into what makes this game a wonderful experience!

Rack N’ Ruin hits the ground running from the moment you pick the controller up. The gameplay is centered around using four elemental weapons: firebolts, a demonic blade, lightning bolts, and icy shards to dish out maximum punishment on your enemies. Along with these abilities you also have a shield that can be activated to prevent incoming damage at the expense of mana or used to move objects on the map. These abilities also serve a function in navigating the numerous puzzles the game throws at you.

As you progress in the game you can change the idyllic world into a nightmarish hellscape by activating fast travel points. These points help tremendously as getting lost in the world is incredibly easy, the overworld map offers very little in the way of assistance, outside of a quest marker on the next area you must visit. This is rarely noticed due to the outstanding way the game showcases the transformation as you sow chaos in the world.

Where the game truly shines is in its combat system. The combat is fast-paced, reminiscent of a twin-stick shooter, and almost never-ending. Enemies come in all shapes and sizes and the more you master your elemental weapons, the easier it gets. That is until a boss battle commences. Each boss battle feels different and tests you in a variety of ways while at the same time looking like something out of a bullet hell!

With all that being said, there is one glaring weakness when it comes to Rack N’ Ruin and that is the sheer amount of items available that end up never being used in your inventory. To remedy this item overload, it would have been nice to streamline the items and make sure that each one has a purpose and can be easily understood. This could be done through clearer item descriptions, or perhaps even a tutorial to help you understand what each item does. Additionally, it would be useful to provide more information on the items you acquire during your journey, as this would give players a better idea of what they can do with the items. Finally, it would be beneficial to create more meaningful rewards for completing various tasks in the game, thus making it more rewarding for players to progress.

In the end, this game flies by (it only takes four to five hours to beat), so Rack N’ Ruin never overstays its welcome. This game was a blast to play and the collector’s edition only further enhanced my enjoyment of the game. This one will proudly sit on my gaming trophy case, that album cover alone warrants that, and I cannot recommend this game enough! If you haven’t experienced this title, stop what you are doing, grab this game, and enjoy the fast-paced mayhem as you help Rack destroy another world!

Rack N' Ruin is an incredibly enjoyable and unique game that certainly deserves a place in any gaming collection. Not only does it have an eye-catching collector’s edition, but it also packs a punch when it comes to content. With a plethora of different weapons, enemies, and bosses, it offers hours of chaotic fun. What's more, the game is incredibly easy to pick up and play, and even if you are new to action-adventure games, you will have no problem grasping the mechanics. Furthermore, the collector's edition of the game is an absolute must-have, as it includes a variety of bonuses such as a hilarious comic, a SNES-style retro outer box, one of the best instruction manuals in recent memory, and an awesome soundtrack!

All of these features combine to make Rack N' Ruin an absolute must-play. With its fast-paced, action-packed gameplay, it is sure to provide tons of entertainment, and it's a game that will proudly sit on your gaming trophy case. Whether you are a seasoned action-adventure veteran or a newcomer to the genre, Rack N' Ruin will provide an experience you won't forget in a hurry. So, if you haven't had the pleasure of playing this title yet, grab it now and enjoy the mayhem as you help Rack destroy yet another world!


About the Author:

James is an avid enthusiast of all things gaming, especially RPGs. He is an aerial photographer and digital marketer by day and a die-hard gamer by night. His ideal weekend is spent relaxing playing an RPG and recording the next episode of the Games with Jon & James podcast.

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