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Bruno and Nick, hosts of the Quit The Build podcast, have been friends for nearly 25 years. They met at a private elementary school in the 3rd grade and immediately shared a love of gaming. Playing handheld games on Game Boy and Sega Game Gear before and after school, the guys have enjoyed sharing tips, tricks, and their personal thoughts on games since the 3rd grade. Their 4th grade school pictures below are a testament to their friendship and the oh-so-fabulous style of the 90s.

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Bruno Pierce
Founder & CEO

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Nick DiBartolomeo
Co-Founder & Network Director

Resident pop culture guru, Bruno is the self-declared "pro shooter" gamer of QTB. Raised on Game Boy and Sega Genesis, Bruno started his love of shooter games with Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64 and honed his skills in the Halo franchise on Xbox. His expertise in new media provides a unique perspective into the world of gaming and his love of shooters expands with every new console generation.

Bruno brings color commentary and funny stories to each podcast while also designing and maintaining the QTB brand and website.

A self-proclaimed "action dad" gamer, Nick was tempered by the 2D NES platformers of yesteryear, with tough-as-nails classics like Mega Man and Ninja Gaiden cementing his genre of choice to this day. His knowledge base extends to not only the three pillars of console gaming but also game streaming services like Google Stadia.

Nick provides the lowdown on every topic covered in the QTB podcast with funny insights while also producing and editing each episode.

Team QTB

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Terry Babington
Discord Lord & Blog Contributor

Terry is our travel correspondent and QTB Discord lord. His popular blog series featuring real-world locales and their video game counterparts have become a huge hit. We're excited to see what he comes up with next.

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Brad Parry
Podcast Co-host & Contributor

Our resident beer correspondent and a regular guest on the QTB Podcast and co-host of Gotta Watch, Brad continues to wow us with his pop culture knowledge and delicious descriptors for each craft beer featured in his special segment, Brad's Beers.

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Justin Hess
Blog Contributor

Justin is a regular blog contributor for QTB sharing his wealth of knowledge on PC gaming, tech, classic RPG video games, and more. Justin is also an avid streamer who hones his artistic craft and gaming skills live via Twitch.

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