• Bruno Pierce

Review Giveaway: March

Updated: Apr 3

Each month we select one of our written reviews from Apple Podcasts to win a gaming merch prize package from Pierce Unlimited!

Congratulations, islandviking1. Thank you for the kind words and great review! Please contact us for more information on how to claim your prize.

The Review: Awesome content, awesome hosts, awesome podcast! These guys are hilarious! It's really refreshing to hear a gaming podcast that's not only relevant and up-to-date but with hosts that clearly are ultra-passionate about gaming and everything to do with it. 12/10 would recommend.

Quit The Build, also known as QTB or Team QTB, is more than a bi-weekly gaming podcast, we're a network of gamers, influencers, content creators, and friends. Founded in 2015, our motto reflects our attitude and approach to gaming, we don't get mad, we keep calm and quit the build. Join our growing network of listeners by following our podcast, liking our socials, and joining our Official Discord Server.

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