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About Enzo

Enzo is mad…Sort of! This stream is personality driven at its core, and the ringleader of this ridiculous circus is Enzo himself. With a wild cast of familiar faces from stream to stream mixed with dedicated solo streams, you can expect the most ridiculous moments when you tune in here. At a young age, Enzo welcomed any genre into his collection and enjoyed a little bit of everything. This hasn’t changed as a full-grown man-child who decided to put his life out there online for the world to see. On Enzo’s stream, he really prides the community that surrounds it. Amazing people are doing amazing things all in the hope that it can take your mind off the world around you for just a brief moment.


Enzo started streaming on Twitch in 2020 but had learned the ropes on YouTube many years prior. With his first video debuting on May 16th, 2015, he edited his first 2 years' worth of content on Microsoft Movie Maker! Through the years his creativity finally had an outlet to shine and his passion grew and grew. He knew this is what he was meant to do! Every video, every comment, and every interaction with the community brings so much joy and reaffirms just why this means so much to him.


Enzo lives in West Virginia with his fiance, 4 kids, and 4 cats, every single one of them appears on stream from time to time, ESPECIALLY baby Zoey!!! This is a place of love, acceptance, and ridiculous comedy from places you probably didn’t see coming! Enjoy!!!

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