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Double DQ Podcast

Join Enzo and Biggs on the Double DQ podcast, your weekly guide to the news and entertainment of worldwide wrestling! Featuring the latest and greatest wrestling news offered up in an exciting chat with two lifelong wrestling and martial arts fans. Enzo and Biggs provide fantastic insights into the ever-changing world of wrestling along with the ins and outs of all aspects of this diverse sport. Join their weekly podcast and discover the world of Double DQ.

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Enzo believes comedy can cure nearly anything. His “claim to fame” is over on TikTok, doing his best to make people laugh and smile. His 2 biggest passions are video games and wrestling. They've been with him for as long as he can remember, and through the good and bad times, they have always been consistent. It's natural that he would inevitably end up cohosting a podcast about wrestling in alignment with QTB. He never claims his opinion as fact, but I guarantee you he will argue it as if his life depended on it, all in good fun of course!

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A wrestling connoisseur and fan of all combat sports, Biggs’ wrestling fandom was cultivated during the booming “Rock n’ Wrestling” era and continues to this day. His love of creative booking decisions, displays of elite athleticism, and storytelling ensure that pro wrestling stays close to his heart, and boy does he love to talk about it.

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